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CBS Show "Whistleblower" Profiles Case Handled by Tom Rhodes Law Firm

The CBS prime-time show “Whistleblower,” recently aired an episode profiling a matter in which Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. had been involved. The show, which features stories of individuals who step forward as whistleblowers to expose illegal and often dangerous wrongdoings, focused on Dr. Michael Jones, who along with fellow doctors, played a critical part in exposing an alleged overbilling scheme involving St. Joseph-London Hospital.

At the core of the alleged scheme were claims from doctors who stated that St. Joseph-London and some of its doctors had submitted bills to federal government health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid for hundreds of unnecessary heart procedures. As noted in a lawsuit brought by the doctors, one patient had 17 unnecessary heart catheterizations, and another had undergone numerous procedures to improve blood flow near arteries that were near normal. Many others underwent procedures that were unnecessary, and which were suspected to have be done solely for financial gain.

Those alleged wrongdoings, as the show describes, have led to considerable legal action against St. Joseph and several of its doctors. This includes a federal health care fraud case in which St. Joseph agreed to a $16.5 million settlement. It also includes a medical malpractice case in which Attorneys Tom Rhodes, Erin Oglesby, and Sam Royston, along with Gary Hudson of London, KY and Hans Poppe of Louisville, KY, co-represented a plaintiff we alleged was harmed as a result of an unnecessary procedure.

In that particular case, our firm and co-counsel obtained a $21.2 million verdict against St. Joseph-London Hospital and its parent company Catholic Health Initiatives on behalf of a client who claimed that one of his doctors had implanted a pacemaker in his chest which he did not need. That procedure, the suit alleged, was performed as a result of incentives physicians were offered to perform certain procedures.

Ultimately, the jury sided with our client by finding that St. Joseph and its parent company were negligent, did not obtain the patient’s informed consent, and violated the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. They also found that the hospital and parent company were involved in a scheme that encouraged doctors to perform unnecessary procedures, and awarded $20 million in punitive damages. Additionally, the doctor who had performed the unnecessary pacemaker procedure on our client was indicted on criminal fraud charges, and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C.: Committed to Justice

The situation involving St. Joseph-London Hospital certainly makes for captivating television, which is why CBS decided to profile the inexcusable scheme it operated as part of its Whistleblower series (which you can now view online). However, it is also an important reminder that patients face immense risks when the health care providers in whom they have placed their trust violate their duty of care and place profits over people.

At Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C., our legal team has dedicated their professional careers to helping clients seek justice following preventable accidents and injuries, particularly in cases involving medical malpractice. While many cases we handle involve the negligence of individual doctors or medical professionals who provide substandard care when treating a patient, there are others that go beyond negligence and involve intentional acts of wrongdoing.

For these matters, our commitment to securing justice means helping victims of medical malpractice, as well as individuals who make the courageous decision to step forward in qui tam/whistleblower lawsuits, make their voices heard in the civil justice system. By protecting their rights and interests and holding at-fault parties accountable, we not only ensure our clients obtain the compensation to which they are entitled, but also that others are not victimized by similar acts of wrongdoing and intentional misconduct.

If you have questions about a potential case involving medical malpractice or a whistleblower lawsuit, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Our legal team has been trusted by clients throughout Texas and the U.S., and is prepared to discuss how we can help you.