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Tom Rhodes Honored with Best Lawyers in Texas & Lawyers of Distinction Awards

We at Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. are thrilled to announce our very own Attorney Rhodes has been honored with Wall Street Journal’s Best Lawyers in Texas Award, as well as the Lawyers of Distinction Award! Mr. Rhodes is a renowned personal injury lawyer who has earned well-deserved recognition for his various successes in the field of law. Our legal team is so proud to be led by an exemplary lawyer such as Mr. Rhodes, and we look forward to continuing our legacy with him as we serve the people of Texas.

Showcased in the New York Times, the Lawyers of Distinction Award demonstrates Mr. Rhodes’ incredible work ethic and distinguished law career for over the past 30 years. He has earned this amazing acknowledgement thanks to peer recognition, customer satisfaction, professional competence, and his dedication to law.

The Wall Street Journal also awarded Mr. Rhodes this month, as he was named as one of the Best Lawyers in Texas, an honor he is thrilled to accept. As a distinguished personal injury lawyer, Attorney Rhodes will continue to live up to these incredible awards and uphold a standard of excellence unique to him and his firm.

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