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4 Important Federal Trucking Laws You Should Know

The Federal Highway Administration ranks Texas second for the busiest highways in the country. That includes thousands of miles of public roadway and numerous drivers on the road. Given its location in the heart of our nation and the many industries that thrive within its borders, Texas sees a lot of truckers traveling those roads.

Because commercial trucks are commonplace in busy states like Texas, and because they are massive machines that can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, all drivers and passengers face real risks of being involved in truck accidents when they share the roads with them. For this reason, federal trucking laws have been put into place in order to keep the roads and other drivers safe.

Below are 4 important federal trucking law.

1. Driving Hour Limitations

To ensure truck drivers do not fall asleep at the wheel or drive under extremely exhausted conditions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits the amount of hours a trucker is permitted to drive. As a result, truck drivers are prohibited from being behind the wheel after working a certain amount of hours, and must take regular rest breaks and time off duty following full work weeks.

2. Alcohol Consumption Restrictions

As for any driver, alcohol consumption is limited for truckers. However, for truck drivers, the limitations are much stricter. Truck driver are never allowed to operate vehicles if their blood alcohol content exceeds 0.02. In addition, truck drivers are never permitted to carry any kind of alcohol unless it is part of the transported cargo. Lastly, truck drivers are never allowed to consume any amount of alcohol within 8 hours before a driving shift.

3. Physical Requirement Laws

In order to ensure that truck drivers do not have traces of drugs in their systems, there exists a law that enforces drivers to take a physical exam at least twice a year. During the physicals, drivers are inspected to make sure they possess the necessary requirements to drive safely.

4. Licensing Laws

Because cargo trucks are such large vehicles, a special trucking license is required. Majority of drivers are required to obtain a CDL before permitted to drive a truck. These licenses are only awarded to drivers that pass specific knowledge and skills tests. In addition, a prerequisite for obtaining a license includes performing specific hands-on training hours and practices. If a driver becomes a designated hazmat carrier, additional tests and practice will be required.

Because truck drivers take up so much space when transporting materials, it is important that these federal trucking laws be followed faultlessly. If federal trucking laws are broken, a truck driver may face penalties as severe as a felony.

If You Have Been Involved in a Truck Accident

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