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Our Legal Team and Co-Counsel Reach $1.9 Million Settlement Agreement in Sandra Bland Wrongful Death Suit*

According to an article published by NPR, our very own attorneys Tom Rhodes, Robert Brzezinski, and Erin Oglesby of Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. and other members of the co-counsel have reached a $1.9 million settlement agreement in a wrongful death suit brought by the mother of Sandra Bland. In July 2015, Bland was taken into custody by Officer Encinia for a traffic violation. Three days after her arrest, Bland was found dead in her Texas jail cell.

Rhodes states that the Texas Department of Public Safety will be responsible for paying $100,000.00 while Waller County will be liable for paying an additional $1.8 million. He explains that the settlement agreement also includes de-escalation training for state troopers as well as the following changes to procedures of Waller County jail:

  • Modifying booking processes
  • Implementing the use of telemedicine equipment so inmates and detainees may receive screening from health care or mental health care professionals
  • Adding an onsite nurse or EMT 24/7, which the jail does not have currently employ
  • Implementing a system that disallows falsified jail logs (Will require a card swipe, sensor, or other tool on each cell that must be registered in a computer system)

Additionally, the parties agreed to advance legislation in order to implement these changes in other rural jails throughout Texas. According to Rhodes, legislature will need to approve and pass these changes.

To learn more about the case, read the recent article published by NPR.