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Tom and Beth Rhodes Sponsor The Annual Guardian Angel Luncheon

On March 2, Attorney Tom Rhodes, founding lawyer of Tom Rhodes Law Firm, P.C., and his wife, Beth Rhodes, sponsored The Guardian Angel Luncheon at theHistoric Bexar County Court. This event helped raise awareness and funds for children who have suffered the stresses of high-conflict or high-violence homes, divorcing parents, or the absence of parents through crucial years of their lives.

Because Tom Rhodes’ firm is passionate about helping children recover from such tragic situations, he and his wife committed to sponsoring the cause so that children can continue benefitting from the efforts of the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register, an organization comprised of judges and other officials who recognize the deep needs of these children.

What is the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register?

Established in 1997, this organization is supported by county officials and local judges who recognize the large number of children that come from destructive homes and pasts. Because they recognize that the years of childhood play an important role in the development of a person, the organization seeks to remedy family law related issues such as:

  • Custody disputes
  • Visitation rights
  • Allegations of abuse

To do so, the organization has founded a program that supervises visitation and monitors exchange services to reduce the amount of parental conflicts that can occur. By doing so, the organization hopes to create healthier and more therapeutic environments for children from broken families.