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Opposing Attorneys Battle Over the Ongoing Sandra Bland Case

Last August, the mother of Sandra Bland, Geneva Reed-Veal, filed a lawsuit, alleging that her daughter was denied her constitutional rights and mistreated during her arrest. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that her daughter was denied her rights while incarcerated and that law enforcement officers did not ensure her daughter was safe while in jail. Although sources suggest the arrest was a mundane stop, the moment of the arrest intensified and a physical quarrel occurred between the officer and Bland.

As of now, the case continues as opposing lawyers battle over whether Bland’s death is actually a wrongful death lawsuit. In addition, the attorneys involved in the case argue over whether or not Bland’s arrest and Bland’s death should be split into two separate cases. An assistant attorney general from Texas states that Bland’s arresting officer will only have a right to fair trial if the case is delayed since it will not be reasonable for the officer to have to defend himself in two cases simultaneously.

Bland’s family and legal counsel refuse to split the case, suggesting that the traffic stop led to the series of events that eventually led to Bland’s death. The family’s attorney believes that dividing the case into two separate cases will not be just. As a result, the judge has adjourned the hearing without deciding whether the case should be divided or postponed.

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