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Attorney Tom Rhodes' Cross-Examination of Neuropsychologist Featured in "Texas Lawyer"

During two Texas trials, two plaintiffs recovered over $10 million verdicts after lawyers cross-examined the neuropsychologist who stated both plaintiffs did not suffer cognitive impairments. During the investigation, Attorney Tom Rhodes, who represented one of the plaintiffs, discovered that the neuropsychologist, formerly an employee of an insurance company, was responsible for assessing NFL players’ requests to obtain disability benefits. Attorney Rhodes found that all of the players’ requests were denied. After this discovery, he performed a cross-examination on behalf of his client, who sustained a serious head injury in a recreational boxing match.

Teen Injured by Oversized Gloves in a Boxing Match

In one of the trials, the plaintiffs, a male teen and his family, stated the teen sustained a head injury while participating in a boxing match. The plaintiffs believed that oversized boxing gloves created by the manufacturer were responsible for the teen’s injury. When the trial concluded in February, the jury awarded $17.47 million to the plaintiffs against the manufacturer of the oversized boxing gloves, Nina Jump Inc.

During the trial, Attorney Rhodes brought to light a pattern in the neuropsychologists diagnoses. “And you have evaluated 50 of [the NFL players]. Right?” asked Rhodes. “And every single one of those 50 that you have evaluated [for] injury you have said they don’t have it.”

In response, the doctor claimed that he was not the one who actually denies benefits to the NFL players; but as Attorney Rhodes pointed out, whatever information the doctor sends to the insurance companies encourages them not to pay, from a neurological standpoint.

In the second trial, a teen suffered a head injury after he fell from a trampoline at a local trampoline park. The plaintiffs, the teen and his family, stated that the park operator was liable for the teen’s injuries. The plaintiff’s legal counsel cross-examined the neuropsychologist, demonstrating that many of the neuropsychologist’s assessments were inaccurate. When the trial concluded, the jury awarded the plaintiffs with $11.48 million against the trampoline park, Cosmic Jump.

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