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Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. Recovers $4M in Wrongful Death Case*

Attorneys Tom Rhodes, Bob Brzezinski, and Erin Oglesby of Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. recently recovered $4 million for the wrongful death of a 28-year-old mother who was killed in a collision with a Dynamic Industries, Inc. driver. The lawsuit held Dynamic Industries, Inc. accountable for the negligence of its employee.

The victim was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on Highway 183 in Austin, Texas. The driver for Dynamic was following the vehicle dangerously close and was on his cell phone for 32 minutes prior to and at the time of the collision. When the car in which the plaintiff was traveling slowed down to brake for a car turning left in front of it, the tailgating company driver slammed into the back of the vehicle, causing it to spin into the lane of oncoming traffic. Another driver crashed into the side of the car, killing the decedent almost immediately. She left behind a 10-year-old daughter.

The Dynamic Industries, Inc. driver was towing a boom lift at the time of the wreck, even though he was not a commercial driver and had never been trained on hauling heavy equipment by his company. Dynamic Industries, Inc. knowingly sent him out on this trip to deliver the boom lift to a client, even though they had other qualified, trained drivers who could have completed this task. This negligent action resulted in the tragic loss of the decedent’s life.

Alex Begum of Begum Law Group was of co-counsel in this case. The trial took place in Cameron County, TX with Judge David Sanchez presiding (Case no. 2014-DCL-07648).