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6 Tips for Holiday Toy Safety

The holidays are here and that means most parents and people are finishing up their holiday shopping - or beginning to feel the pressure! If you have children or are planning on buying gifts for a child this holiday season, please remember that toys can present the risk for injury. In some cases, these injuries occur because kids are simply prone to getting hurt. In other cases, these injuries are preventable and are caused by dangerous and defective toys.

According to a recently released study from National Children's Hospital, children's toys send kids to the hospital once every three minutes in the United States. This alarming statistic should remind us all that safety needs to be the number one priority when selecting and buying toys.

The following 6 tips can help keep your children safer this holiday season:

1. Check for Recalls - Before buying any children's toys, be sure to check to see if there are any recall issues. and the official website for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are great resources you can use to check for recently recalled children's toys and products.

2. Read Product Reviews - It's a wise choice to research any toy or children's product you plan on buying. These days, you can easily find product reviews online for most any product. Read these reviews and watch out for any that talk about potential dangers or injuries.

3. Choose Age-Appropriate Toys - Safety experts always recommend that parents look closely at age reccomendations for children's toys, and that they consider the age and behavior of their children before giving them certain toys. Various toys present different dangers to kids, especially younger children.

4. Follow Instructions - Before you give your child a toy or product, always make sure to read directions and manufacturer guidelines. Speak to your child about the proper way to use the toy and make sure they understand the instructions.

5. Supervise Kids - You should always supervise your children when playing with toys, especially when they are younger or when they are learning how to use a new toy for the first time.

6. Beware of Riding Toys - According to the Nationwide Children's Hospital, riding toys cause more child injuries than any other toy. These include foot powered scooters, tricycles, wagons, and bikes. Make sure your kids wear protective gear and have a good command of the toy before letting them ride freely.

Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. hopes that these tips will help you and your family enjoy the holidays safely. If you have questions about preventable injuries, dangerous children's toys, and your legal rights, our legal team is available to provide the answers you need!