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Attorney Laura Porter Elected 2015 President of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association

Congratulations to our very own Attorney Laura Porter! She now holds the position of President of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association (SATLA) for her dedicated legal advocacy and work as a winning trial lawyer. SATLA is dedicated to preserving all citizens’ rights to a fair trial by jury, a constitutional right under the Seventh Amendment.

The SATLA also encourages the following:

  1. To promote the public's right of unrestricted access to the courts and jury system.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources among trial lawyers.
  3. To assist other trial lawyer associations in achieving our common goals.
  4. To educated our community about the vital role of trial lawyers in society
  5. To inform our community about threats to the justice system
  6. To respond to public attacks that threaten the justice system.

Attorney, Laura Porter, demonstrates a never-ending commitment to justice in a world where the right to be heard by a jury is slowly diminishing. She brings vast insight into trial law, unwavering diligence, and steadfast leadership skills to the organization – always focusing on the rights and best interest of her client.

One of the ways she has been working on this is to get the local community members involved: educating others, participating in community outreach and donating to local charities, and also hosting events.

Attorney Porter has been dedicated to justice since she was a child, when she set out on her goal to become an attorney. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas-Pan American and a law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. She is widely recognized in San Antonio litigation circles for her ability to gain winning settlements and jury verdicts for clients, and was also behind one of the biggest ever settlements recorded in the entire nation!

On behalf of Tom Rhodes Law Firm, P.C. again we congratulate Attorney Porter on her presidency, a well-deserved achievement! We look forward to any and all future successes for her and for our firm.

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