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NTSB Announces Top Transportation Safety Concerns

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is a federal government agency tasked with investigating transportation accidents involving certain types of auto accidents, marine accidents, pipeline incidents, railroad accidents, and other public transit incidents. Each year, the NTSB releases its Most Wanted List of top transportation safety concerns.

This year's recently released NTSB Most Wanted List details pressing national safety concerns, their potential for causing harm, and recommendations for how to best address them and prevent casualties. The Top 10 list includes safety concerns for substance-impaired driving, reducing aviation accidents, improving rail tank car safety, requiring medical fitness for transportation operators, and enhancing public helicopter safety.

Some issues on the list have continually been a top concern for safety officials. Below we explain some of the more pressing concerns on the NTSB list:

  • Distracted Driving - Driver distraction has been referred to as a national epidemic, and it has been responsible for thousands of preventable injuries and deaths. While many states have begun to pass distracted driving laws, not all states have them, and not all states have the tough laws needed to really curb this problem. The NTSB wants to make sure drivers are free from distractions while behind the wheel, and has called on states to pass tougher cellphone and handheld bans.
  • Commercial Trucking - Commercial motor vehicles and 18-wheelers pose a danger to everyone who ventures onto public roadways. Because truck accidents have been increasing in recent years, the NTSB wants regulators to improve oversight of trucking companies, drivers, and vehicles.
  • Mass Transit - Mass transit incidents frequently make the news, and unfortunately, they commonly result in numerous injuries and deaths. According to the NTSB, mass transit safety must be improved, as millions of Americans take buses, subways, trains, and other public transit on a daily basis. The NTSB advises mass transit agencies to better identify and mitigate safety risks and adopt the use of newer safety technology .

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