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Tom Rhodes Law Firm Settles $10,345,000 Medical Malpractice Case for a Confidential Amount*

Tom Rhodes Law Firm, PLLC settled a medical malpractice case for an undisclosed amount. The plaintiff in the case was pursuing $10,345,000 against Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for medical negligence and lack of proper care and attention, which led his development of bed sores.

How Bed Sores Form

According to plaintiff’s argument, St. Vincent failed to follow the safety protocols for preventing bed sores. These wounds develop when body parts such as legs, shoulders, hips, ankles, heels, etc. experience constant pressure and are then deprived of oxygen and blood flow. The tissue can then die, causing the lesions known as bed sores, and is one of the most apparent signs of hospital abuse.

These are the other common signs of abuse from a medical facility:

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Fear upon seeing medical staff
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Changes in mood or behavior
  • Injuries on the patient’s body
  • Unclean or unsanitary bedding

Patients who are at higher risk for developing bed sores may have limited mobility or may have difficulty functioning without due care and assistance. The plaintiff had undergone brain surgery in the 1980’s that left him “ significantly cognitively impaired,” which meant that he certainly needed additional assistance from medical staff, but was not given that.

Federal Legislature to Prevent Bed Sores

The U.S. government has implemented standards of care that all medical care facilities, from nursing homes to large hospitals must abide by. In the plaintiff’s case, St. Vincent ignored his pleas for help and did little to monitor and prevent the development of his bed sores. He was promised a special mattress and a boot to keep him from placing pressure on his heels, but these were never supplied to him. Another complaint was that the hospital falsified details in his medical record.

Ultimately, the jury looked kindly upon the plaintiff’s case and awarded him a winning verdict. According to attorney, Tom Rhodes: "We are very proud of this jury. This hospital had clearly reckless conduct and they really didn't have anyone come in to defend their recklessness. The jury made a statement that this has to stop."

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