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Late-Model Cars Decrease Death Risk, Study Says

A new study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety is highlighting a significant drop in the risks of traffic fatalities for motorists who drive late-model cars or light trucks. The study also found that nine newer vehicle models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles.

Researchers reviewed traffic fatality statistics involving 2011 vehicle models and how many driver deaths occurred over the course of a year. They expressed this rate per million registered vehicle years. Researchers noted the following:

  • There were an average of 28 deaths per million registered vehicle years. This was a down from 48 deaths for 2008 models.
  • Nine vehicle models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles. When researchers did the same study eight years ago, there were no models with zero driver deaths rates.

Researchers credited the decline in driver fatality risks to safety technology advancements in newer vehicles. Examples of these advancements include:

  • Electronic stability control
  • Side airbags and structural changes that include stronger occupant compartments better suited for rollover crashes
  • Blind spot detection
  • Rear-view mirror cameras

The study shows a reassuring trend that motor vehicles are becoming safer with the advent of new technologies and safety advancements. Still, these innovations don't eliminate the risk of accidents, injuries, and deaths and they can't always prevent the dangers associated with negligent drivers or defective auto parts.

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