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Attorney Tom Rhodes Becomes Member of Esteemed International Society of Barristers

Our attorney, Tom Rhodes, can add another accolade to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. He has now gained membership to the International Society of Barristers (ISOB), an organization of lawyers who are dedicated to charitable causes and upholding the integrity and honor in the legal profession. This year, 2015, they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, commemorating half a century of sharing their mission ideals to local communities.

International Society of Barristers

The organization’s tents of support are as follows:

  • Preserve trial by jury
  • Independent judiciary
  • The adversary system

Members are allowed in only by invitation and must undergo a thorough screening process before judges and colleagues. It is then determined whether or not the candidates meet these ideals and exemplify the characteristics of a cherished member of ISOB. At Tom Rhodes Law firm, P.C., we are extremely proud to announce and congratulate our lead attorney, Tom Rhodes, for his accepted membership!

Improving the Role of Litigators

Barristers in ISOB have the opportunity to take part in their community and use their knowledge to engage in dialogues to actively share ideas on topics ranging from politics to science, and also publishing quarterly journals on these topics. The Society promotes law in a way that encourages balance in rational thinking, good-natured practice, and how best to advance the role of litigation within society. This is especially important for working on personal injury cases, where many clients rely on their attorneys to stand strong for them, as our lead attorney does.

Attorney Tom Rhodes upholds many of these ideals in his practice, which is why the firm has risen to become one of the top personal injury legal attorneys in South Texas and has settled million-dollar cases for clients in the past. When you work with him, he gets to know you and wants to understand your needs. Especially in a practice such as personal injury, it is important not only to have an attorney that is trustworthy, but also has the prowess to be able to pull through for clients, no matter what the challenge is.

Our dedicated attorney at Tom Rhodes Law Firm, P.C. is ready to take the reins and fight for your case. Speak with our attorney directly when you schedule your first appointment.