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Family of "Clock Kid" Ahmed Mohamed Suing for $15M

You may recall back in September when a 14-year-old high school freshman by the name of Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school to show his teacher. His arrest for bringing what appeared to be a homemade bomb sparked outrage across the country, as many see the incident as an act of racial profiling against a Muslin student. Since then, Ahmed and his family have relocated to Qatar amid fear of threats.

Now, Ahmed’s family plans to file a lawsuit against MacArthur High School and the city of Irving, Texas seeking more than $15 million in damages for the violation of the student’s constitutional rights.

Demand letters written to the school district and city by the family’s attorney allege numerous violations of district and school policies, including “detaining, interrogating, and attempting to coerce a confession” from Ahmed. It also claims that Ahmed was harassed by officials and that he suffered “severe psychological trauma.” Furthermore, the family’s attorney pointed out in a letter to Irving ISD that the family’s reputation in the global community has been “permanently scarred.”

The school district and the city have 60 days to comply with the demands for $5 million and $15 million dollars and written apologies, respectively, before the lawsuit is filed.

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