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Tom Rhodes Assists Family of Sandra Bland in Filing Federal Lawsuit

Last month, the story of Sandra Bland made national headlines after the 28-year-old woman was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas following a traffic stop. Thanks in part to a dash cam video recording that went viral, the case sparked widespread interest and considerable scrutiny. It became a part of the larger and highly controversial conversation involving high-profile interactions between law enforcement and African Americans.

In an effort to determine what happened - both during the initial arrest and her time in jail before she was found dead - Bland’s family filed a lawsuit in Houston today, Tuesday August, 4th.

The lawsuit is centered on determining whether the arresting state trooper, Brian T. Encinia, and two Waller County jail guards tasked with keeping watch over Bland can be held at fault for their actions. The lawsuit pays particular attention to the trooper’s alleged disregard for Bland’s constitutional rights and safety.

Tom Rhodes, who is co-counsel on the case, assisted in filing the lawsuit on behalf of Bland’s mother, together with Attorneys Larry Powers, Jr. and Cannon Lambert, Sr. of Chicago. Attorney Rhodes and our entire legal team are proud to be a part of this case. As Attorney Rhodes states:

“This family deserves answers and justice. We are honored and privileged to represent Sandy’s family in this very important case.”

Following the filing of the lawsuit, a press conference was held in Houston. You can read more about the lawsuit and case on this article or view a short segment of the conference featuring Attorney Rhodes and Attorney Erin Oglesby below: