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Priest Sex Abuse Trial Delayed

Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. is currently representing the plaintiff in a clergy sexual abuse case who is alleging that a former priest sexually abused a former 12-year-old why he was an altar boy. According to court documents, the abuse occurred in the 1970s in Floresville.

As the case has progressed, Tom Rhodes and our legal team have worked diligently to hold the priest and the clergy accountable for the abuse and subsequent cover up. The lawsuit filed claims that Louis Paul White was the priest in question. An associated pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, White was defrocked in 1989. The lawsuit also alleges that the San Antonio Archdiocese covered up the offenses and permitted White to serve as a pastor at other churches.

The trial has since been delayed since the initial filing, and jury selection has been set for October 8th due to a lack of availability of courtrooms, Tom Rhodes reported to the media. As of not the archdiocese has not commented on the lawsuit and pending trial, but the case has garnered international attention.

Article by Abe Levy, San Antonio Express-News

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