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  • Seeking Damages for Amputation Injuries

    || 26-Dec-2017

    Some of the most devastating accidents result in the entire loss of a limb for some individuals. What are called surgical never events are mistakes made by surgeons so egregious that, by their very nature, should never occur. Mistakenly amputating a limb, or amputating, the incorrect limb, is considered a surgical never event, meaning the surgeon committed such negligence they could be sued for ...
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  • Uber & Lyft Accidents

    || 5-Dec-2017

    Ridesharing has become an increasingly popular means of transportation in large cities. Two of the most prominent companies in the ridesharing business are Uber and Lyft, who are both competing for the most use. While both ridesharing services can be entirely convenient, they can pose a huge issue when the Uber or Lyft car experiences an accident. Both Uber and Lyft have auto insurance policies ...
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  • When to Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer

    || 21-Nov-2017

    Birth injuries can be devastating for families. The excitement of your new arrival can turn to worry as you care for your baby’s injuries and adjust to life raising a child with a birth injury. Sadly, many birth injuries can be prevented. If your child was injured due to medical negligence or mistakes made by our healthcare provider, an experienced birth injury lawyer can help you and your ...
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  • What's Different About a Catastrophic Injury Case?

    || 8-Nov-2017

    Not every accident is the same, and often, the severity of injuries can vary as well. If you’ve been in a serious accident, it is likely that you will be facing life-altering injuries. These catastrophic injuries deserve compensation, but your case may look a little different from your typical injury claim. Medical Expenses Catastrophic injuries are far more severe in nature, and a complete ...
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  • Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. is pleased to announce that our firm was recently successful in securing a $14 million verdict on behalf of a Del Rio, Texas woman who was catastrophically and permanently injured when she developed Wernicke’s encephalopathy, a serious neurological disorder, due to an attending physician’s failures to administer thiamine (vitamin b1) following bariatric ...
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  • Attorney Erin Oglesby Receives F. Scott Baldwin Award

    || 1-Sep-2017

    We are excited to announce that Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. attorney Erin Oglesby was named the 2017 recipient of the F. Scott Baldwin Award by the American Association for Justice. This national award was established to recognize and honor F. Scott Baldwin, a world-renowned trial lawyer from Marshall, TX and is presented to the "Most Outstanding Young Trial Lawyer" every year since it was ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Victims' Rights After Drunk Driving Accidents

    || 1-Sep-2017

    Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a criminal offense in Texas. It is also a clear failure of a driver’s legal obligation to take reasonable precautions in order to safely operate their vehicles. Because drunk driving, as well as drugged driving, is such an explicit act of negligence that any driver knows will place others at risk, victims harmed by intoxicated or impaired motorists are ...
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  • The Attorney Selection Process: Choosing the Right Representation

    || 30-Aug-2017

    Accidents and unplanned injuries can be frightening experiences. During these times, victims and their families will often be focused on their physical recoveries, as well as the financial and emotional repercussions their accidents created. Because of this, many victims who were harmed by another's negligence choose to place their trust in professional attorneys who can handle the legal ...
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  • Brain Injuries & Memory Loss

    || 10-Aug-2017

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can range in severity depending on the nature of an initial injury. While mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions result from less serious impacts than severe TBI, which results in a loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or more, all brain injuries have the potential to adversely affect victims and result in a range of symptoms that can persist for weeks, months, ...
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  • Common Injuries in Car Accidents

    || 28-Jul-2017

    As a law firm that represents seriously injured victims, our legal team at Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. understands the potential car accidents have in creating devastating consequences for victims and their loved ones. While injuries sustained in auto wrecks can result in profound physical, financial, and emotional setbacks, victims have a right to hold at-fault parties responsible for their damages ...
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  • Close to $8 million has been awarded by a jury to a New Mexico medical malpractice claim plaintiff in a case that was co-counseled by Attorneys Tom Rhodes and Robert Brzezinski of Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. and Attorneys McGinn and Montoya of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, P.A. The lawsuit (Case No. D-202-cv-2012-04942) originated in 2012 after the plaintiff, Mr. Webb, suffered a severe ...
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  • 4 Important Federal Trucking Laws You Should Know

    || 1-Jul-2017

    The Federal Highway Administration ranks Texas second for the busiest highways in the country. That includes thousands of miles of public roadway and numerous drivers on the road. Given its location in the heart of our nation and the many industries that thrive within its borders, Texas sees a lot of truckers traveling those roads. Because commercial trucks are commonplace in busy states like ...
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  • Our Firm Welcomes Our Newest Addition, Attorney Merritt Clements

    || 29-Jun-2017

    We at Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. are thrilled to announce we are welcoming our newest attorney, Merritt Clements, to our firm. An esteemed and respected lawyer, he has represented railroads, insurers, trucking companies, manufacturers, contractors, hospitals, school districts, lawyers, doctors, utilities, government entities, banks and other businesses in lawsuits in central and south Texas. An ...
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  • Tom Rhodes Honored with Best Lawyers in Texas & Lawyers of Distinction Awards

    || 22-Jun-2017

    We at Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. are thrilled to announce our very own Attorney Rhodes has been honored with Wall Street Journal’s Best Lawyers in Texas Award, as well as the Lawyers of Distinction Award! Mr. Rhodes is a renowned personal injury lawyer who has earned well-deserved recognition for his various successes in the field of law. Our legal team is so proud to be led by an exemplary ...
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  • How to Properly Treat a Serious Burn

    || 29-May-2017

    Even small burns can be painful and expose you to risk of infection if not properly treated. More severe burns are also at risk of infection and scarring but can have more serious consequences, such as shock if not properly treated. Treating burns quickly can reduce the amount of damage sustained in an accident, and can possibly save an individual’s life. Learn more about treating burns ...
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