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  • On January 7, 2012, in the 224th District Court of Bexar County, Texas, Judge Cathleen Stryker presiding, a default judgment was entered for $180,668,350.00 against Louis White, a former Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The lawsuit was filed by John Doe 101, who was repeatedly sexually assaulted as a child from 1976 to 1977 while a student, altar server and parishioner at Sacred ...
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  • Priest Sex Abuse Trial Delayed

    || 16-Jun-2012

    Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. is currently representing the plaintiff in a clergy sexual abuse case who is alleging that a former priest sexually abused a former 12-year-old why he was an altar boy. According to court documents, the abuse occurred in the 1970s in Floresville. As the case has progressed, Tom Rhodes and our legal team have worked diligently to hold the priest and the clergy accountable ...
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  • Tom Rhodes Law Firm client receives ultimate vindication

    || 9-Jan-2012

    Tom Rhodes Law Firm client receives ultimate vindication for abuses suffered at hands of pedophile priest. A Dallas jury has sentenced a former Roman Catholic priest to 60 years in prison for plotting the death of a man who accused him of sexual abuse. Our firm represented the victim in the underlying civil case against the San Antonio Archdiocese. Source:
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